LISBON, JUNE 13, 2019

Bashir Jiwani - Canada
Fraser Health Authority

Bashir Jiwani is Chief Ethicist and Executive Director of Ethics and Diversity Services at Fraser Health, one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing health authorities. 

Bashir Jiwani completed his BA in Philosophy from McGill University and MA in the same discipline with a specialty in Bioethics from the University of British Columbia. He completed a PhD at the University of Alberta in Public Health Sciences. Prior to his current position, Professor Jiwani was the Health Care Ethicist and Leader of the Ethics Network at Providence Health Care. 

He currently serves on the British Columbia Ministry of Health’s Drug Benefit Council and its Expensive Drugs for Rare Diseases Advisory Committee. He is the Ethicist on the Canadian Blood Services’ Expert Advisory Committee and the Bioethics Advisory Committee. He also serves as Honorary Secretary for the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for Canada. 

Bashir Jiwani recent publications include the books Clinical Ethics Consultation: A Practical Guide (Springer 2017), Clinical Ethics Consultation Toolkit (Springer 2017), and the articles Ethics and the Law (HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum 2017), and Reflections on Healthcare Leadership Ethics: Ethically justified decisions (Health Care Management Forum 2015). 

His research interests include pluralist approaches to clinical and system-level decision-making; bioethics in a multicultural context; and building resources for increasing ethical literacy in organizations.