LISBON, JUNE 13, 2019

Ilhan IlkiliƧ - Turkey
University of Istanbul

Ethical Challenges of New Biotechnological Research and Interventions in Value-Pluralistic Societies

Prof. Dr. (TR) Dr. Phil. M.A.
Director, Institute for Health Sciences of Istanbul
University Chair, Department of History of Medicine and Ethics
Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine

Rapid technological developments in the area of medicine provide us with a number of new diagnostic and therapeutic options, which not infrequently lead to complex new ethical and social issues. Biotechnological interventions into the human genome, human embryonic stem cell research, or in-vitro technologies used at the beginning of life are only some examples of these complex areas of applied technology.

Developing an appropriate social discourse around these issues in order to help solve emerging problems poses a significant challenge for multicultural societies, given that the normative evaluation of these technologies and their applications depends on diverse cultural and religious values and attitudes. On the other hand, the policies and legal regulations regarding these practices affect each and every person independently from their cultural roots and religious convictions.

In this context, I will discuss the normative value and meaning of value pluralism in a multicultural society with regard to new bioethical problems, with a special focus on ethical issues at the beginning of life and stem cell research. These problems will be discussed analysing the case of Muslim minorities in Germany.